We usually offer three activities per day,  two in the morning and one in the afternoon. An evening activity is also offered. Our activities range from academic, to leadership, to team-building, to adventure based, and have been compiled taking the current curriculum into account.

We will gladly design an Itinerary to best suit your group, and can even work with you to develop activities unique to your tour. This is especially the case if you would like to achieve a specific outcome whilst visiting.

Activity Options

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  • Problem Solving
  • Portfolio
  • Cartoon Rout
  • Team Challenge
  • Leadership Development
  • DISC Evaluation
  • Water Study
  • Arachnid Study: Spiders & Scorpions
  • Tree Study
  • Grassland Study
  • Animal Study
  • Insect Study
  • Eco-trail
  • Eco-scavenger Hunt
  • Life-size Raft Building Challenge
  • Water Cascades
  • Compass Rout
  • Amazing Race
  • Speed Course
  • Bushcraft
  • Obstacle Course
  • Out & About Orienteering
  • Kayaking
  • Erosion Gullies
  • Climatology
  • Sky Study

The Wagon Wheel Journey

The Wagon Wheel Journey is an innovative concept designed to facilitate a life changing experience. Based at camp, various excursions are embarked on over an extended period. These include physical activities such as hiking, swimming and kayaking, as well as academic exercises such as water studies, tree studies and star talks. Both personal and team building challenges are encountered, designed to push students to the edge of their comfort zone. Due to its extended nature, we work closely with schools to customize their itinerary.